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I bought one 4G ZTE MF 61 mobile hotspot on E bay, and no computer recognizes it when I plug it into an USB port. One message of windows says that the driver needs to be installed. I tried to install the device in different computers and the message is always the same. The system also searches the driver, by the windows update, but it does not find it, and asks me to insert the installation CD, what i did not receive. I also tried to find it manually on the Internet, but it seems not to be available anywhere. I am not sure if the device could be defective or if there's something I could do before ask the seller to exchange it.

Thank you, very much!
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  1. Should be recognized, these have to be configured wirelessly, through a wifi connection. If it is not automatically recognized when connected by USB, then it may be defective.
    You can also check the ZTE's Support Page : http://www.zteusa.com/device/201105/t20110505_1370.html
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