HELP I have been getting the bsod can someone please read my mini dump

Hi i have been getting the bsod on and off for awhile now, I know it is hardware related I just don't know how to read the mini dump to figure out what it is. I downloaded visual studio but when i try to open the dump file it say i don't have the correct editor. please help thank you
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  1. You can try blue scrren view. It should at least point you toward the module giving you trouble.
  2. It says its caused by hal.dll what do i do now?
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    hal is the hardware abstraction layer. I would suggest running windows updates and sfc. possibly driver updates all round too.
  4. when i try to access my mini dump with visual studio it tells me i don't have permission , but i'm the admin
  5. i ran the sfc but it could not fix all the corrupted files
  6. If there are that many corrupt system files, your best bet is most likely a clean install of the OS.
  7. the .dmp says that the bsod is probably cause genuine intel what can i use to test the process just prime 95? I update my bios and vc drivers and ran windows update. what else can be done? thank you
  8. could be a intel driver check if they are all up to date
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