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I'm designing a new PC and I'm considering using a WD 74GB SATA 10,000 rpm drive (WD740GD)for the system drive. Given the high price of this drive, do you think there's a worthwhile advantage of using a 10K rpm SATA drive over a 7200 rpm SATA drive for system and apps use? I would use other drives for data. Thanks.
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  1. I finally upgraded to a 10k RPM drive, recently, and I was impressed. I ended up getting the 36 gig version though, and using a 7200 RPM drive for sotrage of data and such. Besides size, the only other downside to the 36 gig, is the lack of native command queing.

    I guess it really depends on what kind of system you are building.

    If you are trying to get by reasonably cheap, I would go with the 36 gig, and use another drive for storage of data, and extra space for games if you fill up the 36 gig.

    If money doesn't really matter, go with the 74 gig drive.

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  2. Yes, with the Raptor 74gig, you get more than SPEED.
    Like reliablity and the great 5 YEAR warranty.

    Any questions?

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  3. 74 is actualy faster than the 37!

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  4. lol, yep it is

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