I have HDTV TV (756 horizontal pixels) is there point to buy HDTV dvd player yet or i shuld wait, and if i do should i got for one with HD-DVD or BlueRay or one that have both?
I mean i know there is no player that can play both, but whats ETA?

Also i have some public television HDTV Rip's from friend, but i cant watch em cuz my DVD player only supports <600 pixels horiz resolution, is there some wireless way to hook up PC to HDTV TV to watch movies from PC?
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  1. I guess the least expensive way to go is the XBox HD DVD Player for $200 it works with XP just search the web when it ask you for the driver. I guess this thecnology is still imature and expensive. I think the best value in a Blue Ray Drive is the PS3 @ $600 it is significently less expensive than a stand alone player.

    I have a upscaning LG DVD Player/ Digital Tuner I can't tell mutch differance when it upconverts I think the T.V. Up converts any way. I have a few WMP9 HD Movies like Terminator 2 and Step into Liquid They are impresive.

    I don't think your going to move that amount of data wirelessly but I just use a DVI Cable or Component in from my 6800-7900 & 8800 Video Cards.

  2. Actually, players that can play both are just beginning to appear. Personally, I'm waiting until I can grab a combo player for under $300.
  3. I recently bought a 1080p Samsung to go with my PS3, and at least for me it is worth every single penny. I am a bit of an A/Vphile though so I can easily tell the benefit.

    Blu-Ray looks even better the theaters. I have the movie CRANK on it which looks the best so far in my opinion. Some scenes are honestly so damned real looking it is practically surreal. As for the format wars thing, Blu-Ray seems to be the better choice right now since they are sales are more then 2:1 over HD-DVD. Not to mention of course how damned good the uncompressed 5.1 sounds--WOW!!!! :D.

    If you are not a huge A/Vphile then you may not see the benefit like I do, but if you are even just a little bit of an A/Vphreak I think you will love the benefits HD video provides.
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