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I a new to mobile tech.I am using a windows operated 6.5 mobile device.I have some survey coordinated data that i want to save in a text format on the storage card.I am stumped as to what to do next. It say when specifying the name of the output file,be sure that the name start with "Card:"to indicate that it is to be written to the memory card.I have created a folder in the scard lets say "demo"so I type in th e output file "Card:demo" its says not an export file .I think I am suppose to create a txt. file but Idon't know to do this .Can anyonr gine me some pointers?
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  1. That is not the file name you are typing, only the directory. Add the file name you want at the end of that. Would probably look like "Card:\Demo\filename.txt

    Depending on how you are saving the thing though, if you are doing it from a program would need to read the manual.
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