Reinstallation of windows 7 on laptop with another windows 7cd

I have sony vaio laptop come with window 7 home basic.Laptop showing problem while running some programs.I want a fresh installation of window 7 home basic but no window 7 disk come with laptop.
Should i download window 7 home basic ISO file from Microsoft website and activate it with the key written on the bottem of the laptop.I want to know will it work.
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  1. Won't work. The key on the PC is OEM. The .iso is retail.
  2. i,

    Bet is to create restoration disk from

    start menu ==> all programs ==> sony tools

    burn disk and reinstall

    good luck
  3. thanks for your reply..
    Sir i am having the restoration (three)disks.The place from where i have purchased the laptop they have created these restoration disk for me.But by mistake instead of putting restoration disk in cd-drive i put the window 7 ultimate 32-bit disk and installed the windows.Now when i am putting the restoration disk it is showing OS version mismatch because earlier it was window 7 home bsic.Now what can i do for installing my original window 7 home basic come with laptop .
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