whats the fastest ram for me?

Hi, I currently have 4x256mb of corsair's
CMX256A-3200XL working in dual channel mode.

My rig:
p4 3ghz C
Asus P4P800 Deluxe
Gainward 6800GT 256mb
western digital -160gb,120gb and 40gb
Pioneer DVR-108

Im looking into upgrading my ram.
What is the best suitable ram for me?
thank you.
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  1. Whats the big push to upgrade the RAM? The RAM you have isn't bad?

    Is this just for overclocking? Will your current RAM not overclock any (To help sync with FSB when overclocking your CPU)?

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  2. Unless you plan to overclock new RAM wont give you much performance increase at all, bear in mind that any DDR1 RAM over PC3200 is ONLY for overclocking since no board supports anything faster. DDR2 is only supported by socket 775 boards and yours isnt one.

    You could get some really low latency stuff but since yours already has low latencies and the P4s dont really need low latency RAM you will prob only see 1-2% performance increase.

    The only other thing I can think you want is over 1Gig, which is pointless unless you do a lot of 3D rendering or video editing.
  3. so whats the point of all these newer rams that are higher speeds than ddr400 ?
  4. Its for guys like me that like to see their 3.0's at 4.05.


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  5. DDR is only Jedec specified to run a PC3200 speeds, no newer P4 or AMD boards allow people to run thier RAM in excess of the FSB (older boards allowed you to run RAM faster than the FSB up to a maximum of 400Mhz). Modern CPU's benefit most from sycronous RAM and FSB's. Therefore if you overclock, you need ram that can run at the same speeds as the FSB.

    Because overclocking is so popular now RAM has been released that can run faster than 400Mhz in order for you to allow to keep sycronous FSB/RAM.
  6. The LGA775 P4 runs at memory speeds much faster than (PC3200)DDR-400 without o/cing, oh yeah, that DDR2.

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  7. DDR2 can run at 533Mhz or 667Mhz however its increased latencies over DDR1 mean it actually performs a lot worse than DDR1 at equal clock speeds.
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