Difference between these two samsung laptops?

I'm about to pull the trigger on a samsung series 7 laptop (15.6")and cant decide which. Samsung has 3 models to choose from with the 3rd gen i-7s but their pricing tree doesnt seem to make sense to me.

I'm listing the lowest priced model for comparison sake, but Im only looking at the upper 2.

These are the only differences i could see, i linked to their specs so others could point out anything i missed if they want.

$1,009 - 1tb@5400rpm - NvidiaGT630(512mb) - 8gb RAM

$1,099 - 750gb@7200rpm-NvidiaGt540( 1gb) - 6gb RAM

$1,199 - 750gb@7200rpm-NvidiaGt540( 1gb) - 8gb RAM

So its 100$ more for 2gb more ram, thats it as far as I could tell. Also, you cant buy them straight from samsung, so Amazon has these models at $1,050 & $1,250. So thats 200$ for 2gb of ram... or im totally missing something.
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  1. Okay, I did find two other differences for your extra $200 - a mini VGA port, that's gotta be worth $1 or $2 (considering both have HDMI - if you have an old monitor laying around, it might have value) and two of the USB ports are USB 3.0, that is something but...
    That's all I found other than the 2GB more ram
  2. All the series 7 laptops actually have the same exact ports, for some reason the samsung site does't go into the same detail for each model's individual specs but they are in fact the same.
    I just bought the $1050.00 model and am fairly confident the only difference is the 2gb of ram. So this pricing difference of 200$ is really just wacko
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