ASUS G50VT-X5 has a 9800 GT?!

So I decided to run CPU-Z on my Asus G50VT-X5. And it said it had a 9800GT?! I thought this laptop had a 9800GS? Does this mean I actually have desktop-quality graphics onboard? :D
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  1. Thats strange since G50 has 9800MGS,what does GPU-Z report ?
  2. Strange

    Per bestbuy web site, this G50 sports an Nvidia 9800M GS video card. I do now know this particular model, but who can keep up with Nvidia? Without making any guess, I tested it via GPUZ you guys can see from the picture. GPUZ shows this to be a 9800M GT???? while I certainly won't complain having a GT but i'm not holding my breath either. Since this is a new GPU, internet database might not have been updated yet. GPU Core 530Mhz, Memory at 1.6 Ghz and Shader Clock at 1.325 Ghz. Of course it is 512MB at DDR 3. Once again, I have not tested this card under with any game, so I can not speak for its performance.
  3. Hey Maziar, thanks for replying. Sorry, was enjoying the weekend :P

    You're right, CPU-Z reported my card as the 9800M GT, not the 9800 GT. Intrigued, I decided to take the laptop to the shop where I bought it (asked them to open things up so I could look inside without voiding the warranty). Turns out it said "9800M GS" on the GPU itself. :heink:

    I've also read around, and it seems this is a bug on CPU-Z. Oh well, we can always dream! :D
  4. No problem mate :)
    Yeah it seems a software bug on GPU-Z i think it will be fixed when a new version comes out :)
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