I can't start up my Windows anymore. Or it boots up really slow.

I hope you can help me with this, I have desperately tried many things but I couldn't find a solution.
So I am hoping you can help me.

A few weeks ago my computer started to get some random freezes. First I thought it was bad memory, so I ordered some new RAM. But that didn't seem to be the case.
In the meanwhile I was also starting to get BSOD and windows recovery on boot.
With this knowledge I started to experiment with my hardware, and I found out that if I removed one (of the 2) HDD (in this case, the oldest/slowest one with all the uninstalled files and downloads on it) it would boot smoothly like it used to.
But now it is getting even worse, I can't boot up my system without waiting a minimum of 15 min, while I used to be able to browse, and open my mail within 2 min. It also doesn't matter whether I remove the old HDD or not.
It is also not possible to boot into save mode because it will hang at "\windows\system32\drivers\classpnp.sys"
So now it doesn't seem to be the old HDD anymore.

I also tried reïnstalling the OS and replacing the CMOS battery, but this without any result.

Do you "guys" have any idea.
Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker. But I hope I could make myself (crystal)clear.

Kind regards,

I am not a member of this community, so you can also contact me on hubert.hoeve[at]gmail.com
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  1. do you have the original install disc ( the operating system ) ?.... the first thing you could try is to do a windows repair. Do not hit the (R) repair the first time you see it but rather keep going until it looks like you will be totally reformating your drive...... there there will be an option to repair leaving the files in tact. This may clear up the widows error you listed above.

    sounds a lot like you have a ton of malware/virus' and unwanted programs running eating into your resources. if the repair works and you can boot into safe mode you need to start working on killing that stuff.

    an entire reformat may be in your future............ or there is another hardware problem yet to be discovered.
  2. I believe I already got promted once to a repair. If we are talking about the same screen, it is saying something like "windows is repairing, this may take up more than an hour" Eventuately it ended with a BSOD....

    But still I will try what you told me, so we are sharing the same level of knowledge.

    About the malware, I have eset smart security running since I build my pc (somewhere in december).
    I also ran malwarebytes to check for any malware, but it didn't detect any.
    And I used ccleaner to clean and repair every now and than. I also removed all the programs from starting up on boot that were optional.(like skype and steam etc.)

    Kind regards,
  3. windows7 is great in the respect it tries to cure it's own ills. unfortunately it sounds as if you have a hardware problem.

    all heat sinks are free of dust/remove-clean-reapply thermal paste to processor/make sure all connections are tight ( wires )/ try putting SATA cable on different spot on board. ( HD ) only main drive installed.

    the repair thing.............. no, not the same. i was thinking of using the opsys install disc not the auto recovery. ( boot to cd on startup ) ( BIOS ).

    have you tried running a HD disc repair at all ? ...( on another machine ) perhaps a bad sector that can be recovered ?
  4. i almost said mother board before. i read through this again and still think so. but not ready to give up yet.
  5. I managed to boot it on a different pc.
    Now making sure I have my precious files backed up.
    Also ran HDtune after I finished backing up.
    Till now it has found 2 bad units with the "error scan" (3055&3175 are the bad ones)
    Will this program auto fix them?

  6. i never ran that program. i run what windows has to offer. if it's finding bad sectors there's a good chance the drive is toast. it may help for a while but i would never depend on it for anything again. you should also run the disc scan on the other drive. glad we're getting somewhere.
  7. What program would windows offer me?
    I will run that after I finished this one.

    I will try to make it possible to also scan the other hdd, but it doesn't have a os on it, so I might do it when I have this HDD back in my old pc.

    I am not sure if I understand what you're trying to tell me.
    For what I get : I should throw away the disk I am scanning, cause the errors will temerary disappear, but they will come back. (anyway, just throw it away)??

  8. what I'm saying is once a disc starts to go bad you should keep your eye on it. I would not put too much trust in it from here on out. could work fine for a while don't toss out.

    start/computer/right click local disc C:/properties/tools/error checking/...put check mark in both boxes... reboot and let it happen.

    from what you said early on this could not be done on the damaged machine. once the drive has finished and you put it back in the machine it was in you can try it there if you want. .... if the drive will stay running and you get no more BSOD's.
  9. Hi :)

    Sounds like new hard drive time to me....

    People in my shops often ask....how long will a hard drive last with bad sectors ??

    My answer is possibly 6 months....possibly 6 SECONDS...

    And no they cannot be repaired...

    All the best Brett :)
  10. Hey,

    Sorry for the inactivity, but now I am back, and I have checked both of my HDDs.
    My (faster) current boot drive shows some broken units in the HDtune error scan.
    My (slower) backup and download drive has a 0 broken units.
    I also tested a different HDD with w7 on it, with the same cables and SATA ports as the (broken) boot drive and it bootes fine...

    So I guess this would indeed mean its time for a new hard drive. But I have made this mistake before. With this I mean I just bought something (new RAM) without double checking wheter it was the problem. Because after installing the RAM the freezing and slow boot time still appeared.

    So are there any other options that may cause my system to slow down?
    Or any other options to (double)check wheter it is really my HDD that's broken?

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