Memory problems on a64 system

Hey, i have 2x 512mb sticks of Kingston HyperX pc4000 in an a64 3500+ system. My Mobo is a MSI k8n neo2 plat. Everything boots up fine and it runs awesome. The problem occured when i went into cpu-z and looked at memory. It says im running 2 sticks in single channel at 166mhz. it also says that they are pc3200 sticks instead of pc4000... i know thats ok because the mobo can only support pc3200... same thing happened when i had one of these sticks in my 2600+ system.

why is it running underclocked and only in single channel? i went into bios and clocked it up to 200 mhz which should be as fast as the mobo will let it, but how can i change it to dual channel?

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  1. Try switching the 2nd module to a different slot.

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  2. i have them in the same color slots, ill try switching it to another slot when i reboot, thx

    Athlon 64 3500+
    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
    Kingston HyperX PC4000 [2x512]
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