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I'm building a new system using a Lian-Lee PC-6077 case that supports 4-8mm fans. Do you like bus fans controllers? Part of me says that controlling the speed of each fan and monitoring temperature 4 temperature points is a good idea. However, I'm not overclocking or doing anything special, so I'm also thinking this is a waste and I'll just run the fans at high speed all the time. The fan controller I'm considering is the Fan Master SF-609 from Super Flower/TTGI. Thanks for your comments.
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  1. Well, why they are another neat thing to play with, they are really just one more thing to create heat in the case. Generally most fan controllers reduce the voltage to the fans, which allows you to control the fan speed, but that extra energy goes somewhere (Extra energy is turned into heat).

    If you think you will leave the fans on high all the time I wouldn't bother, also there are other ways of slowing your fans down without these controllers.

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  2. I wire my fans for 7v when I want to slow them down, that's the most efficient way.

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