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Hello, I come here to ask for help in finding what would be most suitable for the following case:

My boss decided she wants to do online video conferences in an auditorium, making the speaker and the back of the attendants visible over the web, to be projected on a wall at another auditorium.
She wants the best quality available.

I've seen that microsoft's NX-6000 claims 2mpx videos, but says nothing about frame rate at that resolution.

If I want to go for the best quality on a video conference where bandwidth is not as much of a problem, should I go for high-end webcams, or should I try some camcorder with webcam capabilities?

Can anyone give a word on what's the best on resolution, keeping 30fps, out there?


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  1. hello.. I'm in exactly your situation.. how did u solve at the end?
  2. I dont Know Exactly what to say. Because Previously i had attended only One Video Conference which is a Cloud Computing Virtual Conference 2010. It is the global cloud computing event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing.
  3. Hello Juliano
    There are two ways for getting high resolution video conferencing solutions.
    One is to hire your own department and buy a professional video conferencing manager. In this way you will not compromise on quality and reliability, but you and your team has to engage with it.
    Next way is to buy web conferencing solution from any reliable company like VQ Communications. Your problem will be solved without establishing a new department and getting pain for it. it depends upon your choice
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