Best *GAMING* LCD monitor??

looking for:
19"+ (standard or wide screen)
affordable ($400 and under)
true color pref'd but not absolutely required (noticing ones w 6-bit vs 8)
1680x1050 or better res pref'd

the rest is pretty flexible

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  1. Quote:
    1680x1050 or better res pref'd
    Then you probably want to move up to 20.1", where you'll get either 1600x1200 or 1680x1050.... Otherwise, you'll get 1280x1024 or 1440x900 on a 19".
    true color pref'd but not absolutely required (noticing ones w 6-bit vs 8)
    Important question: have you checked into this, and are you actually able to noticed the difference between the two. Only people with a keen eye might be able to see the difference, though it is pretty obvious to such people given the right test image.
    affordable ($400 and under)
    the resolution requirement (which would require a 20.1" is gonna raise this price; also, if you can spot the difference between 6 & 8 bit that is gonna raise it more.

    Now... here's what you really need to consider when making a decision:

    Basic (obvious) considerations
    *) Size and native resolution that you want.
    *) Widescreen or standard

    *) 6-bit or 8-bit (You must know whether you can tell the difference).
    *) Panel type for viewing angle; Different panel types have different viewing angles. Viewing angle affects color shift, where a color does not appear exactly the same across the entire surface of the monitor even if you look at the monitor from the very front; you must determine if this is an issue -- which it would be for image editing.
    *) Response time
    *) 120Hz or BFI (very rare now, so might as well not go into this)

    Extra considerations
    *) Matte finish or Glossy (Matte finishes have reduce glare, but give the monitor a dirty look that may annoy people who edit graphics; glossy finishes get rid of this and have much richer looking colors, however, they are severely affected by glare, which can supposedly even cause eyestrain and/or headaches)

    Seeing as you want a gaming monitor, I'd have to say that you probably aren't gonna find one. LCD monitors suffer from motion blur/smearing during motion. I don't know whether this is still due to response times or due to another effect based on how your brain perceives the images from LCD monitors. Either way, you are gonna have to put up with an inability to track objects that are moving quickly like you could do on a CRT.
    Supposedly, new LCD panels like the simulated 120Hz model and the BFI model solve or get closer to solving this blurring/smearing.
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