Windows Xp Service Pack 1 Betas Leaked !!!!

Internal beta builds Service Pack 1 for Windows XP are finding their way onto the Internet.

read the whole article at beta news

It is a beta, but it's build 1068 with the final build 1070 (far as I know thats what I heard) is only two revisions better!

I have a posting of the FTP sites that you can download from but it's usless info right now. So many poeple are downloading it that it's hard to find or keep a server up for long. People are hammering and DOS attacking servers it's crazy. I'll post more on it tommarow :-}

:cool: <font color=blue>The Hardware Junkie</font color=blue> :cool:
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    :cool: <font color=blue>The Hardware Junkie</font color=blue> :cool:
  2. Yep.

    And for some reason, they are incompatible with certain versions of Xp.

    (insert maniacal laugh here)
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