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I downloaded a font pack online containing about 1,000 fonts, I later found that most of them were pretty bad and I didn't like them so I wanted to restore my fonts folder to a previous state. After finding out that it would not allow me to restore to any of the other versions that I had, I started to go through the folder and manually deleting the fonts I didn't want. I got tired of that and decided that I was going to delete all of my fonts and paste one of my old fonts folders there. I went to where you can see the previous folder versions and I copied one from 1 week ago to my desktop. After I Deleted all of the contents of the current fonts folder i pasted the old contents in there and now it's all messed up.

Only 75 items shows up in the fonts folder but if i view the folder properties it says that i have 1,306 files (fonts). Most of my fonts are messed up now and for most of them the only style that works is bold. How do I fix all of this.
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  1. Try System Restore - pick a date before the fonts got messed up.
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Configuration Windows 7