Samsung ML-1210, Static Electricity Problems

Hi All,

I own a laser printer -- a Samsung ML-1210, and
lately it has been having problems feeding paper.

Often it will feed multiple sheets at once, and
then refuse to feed any paper at all, even if
there's plenty of paper still sitting in the feed.

Lately I noticed, when it feeds multiple sheets
at once, that the paper itself seems to be coming
out strongly charged with static electricity,
and that the static electricity causes the multiple
sheets to stick together.

Do you think this static electricity in the paper
is a symptom/cause of the following paper jams?

Do you think the static electricity in the paper
is a result of a problem with the printer itself?

Or could it be, say, a humidity issue with my apartment?
It gets quite dry in here in the winter time.

I was thinking of buying a new printer -- this one
is five years old -- but it would be kind of pointless
if this is a humidity issue.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Hi,

    I have the same problem as skinnyb, but I don't think it is related to static electricity nor humidity of my apartment. I though that my printer was just capricious or something...

    It is easier to have the full document printed if I put only a few sheet at the time in the tray, and then, it can feed many pages. Eventually, it stops again feeding and I have to give it another try, and then, another one, until the full printing job is done. Printing a 15-pages article can take me more than a hour!

    As I had problems with all the printers I had, I don't plan buying a new one. I just go in a printing center when I get tired trying...

    Any suggestion?
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