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I am looking inot putting an HTPC that would act as a DVR. Also, I am planning on using the speakers/monitor to play PS3 or Wii games on. My question is what kind of speakers and inputs I should look for. My main concern for the consoles is that they only output composite audio meaning that I would have to have a composite to stereo jack before going into a speaker set up. Also, if I use optical outs from the console, I have yet to find any speaker systems that accept optical inputs. If anyone has any recommendations about what type of set up or what speakers to look into, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.
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  1. as far as the optical inputs, logitech have speakers that come with their own decoders which have optical inputs. you may want to look at them.

    pc speakers could be a nice cheapish way of getting some nice sound.
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