1 GB for Athlon64 system.....

My VNF-250 mobo and Athlon64 3000+ is coming in soon and I need memory for it.

I want to go ahead and get a 1 GB stick instead of 2 512k since it might slow it down.

Anyone know what sticks are single sided and have low latencies?

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  1. 2 512mb modules will actually speed it up because you will be able to take advantage of dual channel. Dual channel effectivley doubles your memory bandwidth.

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  2. LOLS, note to self, NEVER listen to any advice from folken

    most AMD systems do not support dual channel memory and especially not mine
  3. S754 can't use dual channel.

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  4. hey, all i saw was the athlon and the 3000 and I assumed other stuff lol
    I gotta remember not to post that early in the morning, I am Fin stupid before noon....

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  5. Morningitis is always a good excuse

    Anyways no one here has suggestions?
  6. I think OCZ has one around CAS 2.5 that's reasonable. Most 1gb sticks are not low latency sticks. The A64 can't make good use of super LL anyway.

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  7. The 1GB sticks on the market would be double-sided.
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