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HDD Error ...

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September 22, 2004 4:42:14 PM

i have to hdd's, one is maxtor 30 GB,other is seagate 40GB
today when i was switching between hdd's, i attached the power cable to seagate before the computer shut down...
the i noticed computer doesn't work ...
then a few tries later i figured out when i attached seagate to the computer, computer does not respond when i try to open, not even fan works...
when i detached seagate everything is fine ...
hdd is not so important but i have very important files in that hdd. is there any way to recover them ???

thanx in advance ..

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September 23, 2004 3:12:03 AM

It sounds like you blew the drive's interface card. You can remove them and try one from a different drive, if you can find another drive of the same model.

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September 25, 2004 11:07:54 AM

thx for your help ..
a friend of mine has the same hdd..
i'll try to switch the boards ..
hope it works ..
anyway thx for your help ..