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I just installed Win 7 64bit on my machine with the Asus P5N-E SLI Mobo. Everything seems to be fine except I get an unknown device in the device manager.
When I click on the property I get:

I dont have the original mobo cd and when I went on the asus website all I can find for the P5N-E SLI are bios updates. Am I correct to assume I need the mobo drivers? The computer seems to run fine even with the unknown device...but i've only done the fresh install 2 days ago.

Thanks for any help on this!!!
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  1. Don't rely on Asus for drivers... get them from the chip manufacturers any time you can. If it's an Intel board, download the chipset installation utility from Intel... if it's a nVidia board, download the drivers from nVidia... etc, etc.
  2. I have an nForce 650i SLI SPP chipset. I downloaded the latest nforce version 15.51 software from their website and installed it. But i'm still getting the same unknown device
  3. The ATK0110 is unique to Asus boards

    Go to the Asus downloads Vista 64 and under Utilities you will find the driver
  4. Should I be installing that even though I have win 7? Cause when I looked under win7 I don't see any of those drivers
  5. So how come win 7 doesn't that these drivers? Should I be installing vista 64 drivers on a win 7 machine?
  6. saran008 said:

    Thanx for the head's up. Great site! Now I'm going to see what Intel has to contribute:
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