Will i be abel to run empire and medieval 2 total war on a windows 7 operating s

hi guys , i bought a new laptop today , i was just wondering if it would be able to run empire total war and medieval total war 2 on the OS ?.
Processor Type: Intel Core i3
Product Line: Aspire
Processor Speed: 2.3GHz
Model: 5755G
Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB
Operating System: Windows 7
Operating System Edition: Home Premium
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics Processing Type: NVIDIA GT630M
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  1. As long as it's the 64 bit Windows (since you have 4 GB of memory on board, I assume that it's the 64 bit indeed), quite easily.
    It's not a perfect gaming notebook, but it would probably run both "Empire Total War" and "Medieval II Total War" within the range of 50~60 FPS, at medium/high graphical settings.
    GT630M is a pretty capable mobile video card: it's not very powerful if compared to others, but it can easily run such huge games as GTA IV at medium settings with stable FPS never dropping below 40 (which is quite playable).
    Strategy games like "Total War" mostly depend on the memory's capacity and speed (1333MHz, or higher, would be perfect), rather than on the power of video card, or the OS.
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