Connecting laptop with lcd via vga: problems with output

Hi guys,

I recently got a viewsonic vx922 lcd. I hooked it up to my laptop via VGA (my notebook doesn't have DVI port), I get output on the screen however on certain backgrounds I am seeing quick annoying and noticable flashes of light, almost like flashing streaks. It's really weird.

Basically I'm wondering whether this is just the quality of the VGA connection, or is it my LCD that is defective? I have not been able to test it on a desktop with DVI yet.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Did you ever find a solution, I have same problem.
    I believe it is related to EMI/RFI interference probably from your power supply for the laptop (unplug it and you'll see it disappear). I think that elminates the possibility of it being the VGA cable (although you need ones with Ferrite cores -- those black tubular things that are right before the actual connector on both ends.). I just bought a monster cable power strip with Power Clean technology. I tried Belkin and APC who claim to have ~40 db protection from EMI/RFI, but they didnt work. I'm hoping the Monster Cable one will clean the power so it eliminates this electro magnetic problem. Otherwise maybe I need a better VGA cable?

  2. Did you get it to work with monster cable?
    Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm having the same problems. I don't have any problem if it's DVI or component hookups, but vga gives me the flashing lines, almost like scan lines.
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