Medusa 8790 5.1 Headset, No Bass Bug, Fix For X-Fi!!

Hi there

Firstly, I'd like to say I'm no PC Guru, and I can only comment on my own experiences/experimentation, but somehow, I've managed to get my Medusa 8790 Headset & Amp to provide decent Bass in the Front Centre & Rear Speakers, using a Creative Soundblaster Xtreme Music Soundcard in 5.1 mode.....

Unbelievable, but true

It's took nearly 2 weeks of real Pain-In-The-Ass messing about with my system, but I'm glad to say, when I play Battlefield 2 now, I experience some stunning and mind-blowing, (literally), sound effects

Yes, like a lot of people, when I initially installed & hooked-up/connected my new X-Fi Soundcard and Medusa 8790 Heaset, I also experienced the tinny, non-realistic, Bass re-production in the Front Centre and Rear Speakers, which I confirmed with the Battlefield 2 'Grenade Test', as mentioned in previous posts

I subsequently searched endless forums and Creative support pages trying to find a solution to this silly, but niggling problem

I've tried most of the solutions - full, current driver updates, beta soundcard drivers, KX project drivers, swapping front/rear speaker jacks, re-direction of the Subwoofer, un-installing & re-installing the soundcard etc, etc, etc - all to little or no effect - except to really screw up my initial installation of my X-Fi soundcard, resulting in innumerable roll-backs and system restores

Then, lo-and-behold, after my nth complete re-install of my X-Fi soundcard & software, I was reconfiguring my Audio preferences in the Creative Console Launcher/THX window and I noticed that my Bass reproduction in the Front Centre and Rear Speakers was drastically improved. I eagerly booted-up Battlefield 2, performed the Grenade Test and yes, genuine Blasting Bass in the aforementioned speakers

Whoop De Fu@king Doo!

So, what's the solution then?

As I mentioned previously, I can only comment on my own experiences/experimentation/system - what has worked for me may not work for you - it may screw up your system as much as mine - so proceed at your own risk

Here's what I did on my last re-install, (make sure you create a restore point before any major system change/uninstall)

1 - Removed all Creative Soundcard drivers via Add/Remove Programs
2 - Uninstalled the X-Fi Xtreme Music card via Device Manager
3 - Booted into Safe mode and used Driver Cleaner on Creative Audio and Creative Audio Lite settings
4 - Deleted the Creative folder while still in Safe Mode (C:/Program files/Creative)
5 - Turned off my PC (i.e. Powered Down)

Now, the following operation is the important part and is the only thing I did differently to my initial installation

6 - I made sure that the Medusa Headset, Amp Box, Mirophone Jack and Audio Jacks were fully set up, connected to each other and the Amp Box was switched on

7 - VERY IMPORTANT - I DISCONNECTED THE MICROPHONE AND AUDIO JACKS FROM MY SOUNDCARD, (i.e. the Red, Green, Black and Yellow Jacks that plug into the rear of my sondcard)

8 - I then Powered up my PC and re-installed the soundcard drivers using the original installation CD

9 - After another re-boot, (I think), I came to the X-Fi intro screen and set-up options - this is where the set-up program asked me to insert the appropriate speaker cables/audio jacks (Red=Microphone, Green=Front L/R Speakers, Black=Rear L/R speakers and Yellow=Centre/Subwoofer)

10 - This is the trick - you require 'power' in the Medusa Amp Box and hence in the 8790 Headset for the Headset speakers/mike to 'register' properly with the soundcard - I'm probably wrong, but it's the only major difference from my original installation

11 - Voila - I had literally stumbled upon the solution, (for my system anyway) - I was absolutely gob-smacked when the Bass started working correctly

I would like to test this theory/procedure again just to be sure, but I'm really loathe to upset my already delicate soundcard/system again - I don't want to lose my precious Bass.....

Apologies for the long post, but I'm trying to be as thorough as possible
(This 'fix' has cost me nearly 20 hours of re-booting and re-jigging my PC)

So, please feel free to try my method above, but as I said, you proceed at your own risk and I will not be held responsible for any problems or crashes you may incur

Best of luck and I hope it works for you - Please post back with any good/bad results - I'll try to help if I can, (no promises)

Got to go - I'm off to catch up on my Battlefield 2 Surround Sound experience - this Headset is seriously cool (now)

Live Well
(FelfyBF - BF2 name)
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  1. i've an audigy 2 zs, as headset i've TEAC HP-11, not the medusa, but same identical problems :cry:

    tryed your way, but with the audigy2 no setup screen will popup!!!

    pluggin the cables when the AMP box was already powered up didn't solved a single thing :(
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