Windows 7 explorer shuts down then restarts - won't let me copy files

it shuts down when i am trying to copy a file from my desktop to my flash drive. it has also done this when i copy a small downloaded program file from program files to copy it to my flash drive. it restarts in like 2 seconds but just won't allow me to copy or drag files. the files are not any important operating system files. they are just small programs i got for trying to fix another problem. the content of the file is not unsafe or anything. anyone heard of this and what may i do?
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  1. check for any virus with you flash drives
    are your sure about the stability of your hard drive , bcz once i have system with severely used hdd , which restarts when i insert pendrive.. after replacing hdd it works fine..
    also check your power connections, unplug you hdd power cables & connect it..
  2. :o its like the system does not shut down. just the windows explorer will shut down. the disc is new and has been fine. why windows explorer would crash upon my trying to copy files, is weird.
  3. manojgj is right... you may have a faulty hard drive. Reseat both the power and data cables going to the affected hard drive and try copying something from it again. If it still fails, download and burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD ( On there, you will find a bunch of hard drive diagnostic tools. Run the appropriate tool(s) on your hard drive (they are sorted by hard drive manufacturer) and see what happens. If any problems are detected, try copying the data you need from the bad drive while it is hooked up to another computer, and then replace the drive.
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