Desktop Replacement or Extremely good computer.

First of all i would like to say this is my first post, so sorry if I violate any rules or have posted this in the wrong forum.

Anyways, im have a Dilemma
For about the past 3 Years, ive been using an entry level Setup With am i7 920 and a Ati Radeon 5770 (Back then it was still ati) Now its starting to show its age. I have to run Battlefield 3 on the Low settings to get stable 60fps, motherboard only has 1 pci slot and many other problems.

I have a budget of about 2400-2600 US (2800 Max) And i was wondering what type of gaming laptop i can get for that price,And will it last me for around 4 years. Remember, i have had a 5770 for almost 4 years, so if the laptop starts to show its age around then, then i wont mind. I also sort of want the portability of a laptop, getting into university and all. I was looking at the razer blade, it look pretty sick, and we recently had a gaming expo so i could feel how heavy it was, and compared to my friends alienaware, its a feather, but weight isnt really a issue since its primary use is going to be a desktop replacement. But the price for the razerblade is insane compared to the alienware(Comparing both to their RRP)

But with that price bracket, i know i can get an EXTREMELY good computer. But then again, if it can do better than what i have now on a laptop, i wouldnt really mind.

I want to know your guys opinion on this.
Is it worth sacraficing pure power for portability?
And what kind of laptop can i get for around that price bracket?

I already have a list of PC parts within that bracket, so dont need another list.

Again, sorry in advance if i violate any rules since this is my first post.

*EDIT* I realize this is in the wrong section. Mod please move thread to correct Section. Thanks
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  1. For that much you can get pretty much any computer you want. The laptop you will be stuck with though for the most part, although the high end ones you will be looking at should have upgradable CPUs and video cards. If you will only have one computer, I'd get a laptop and an external 20" + monitor, keyboard and mouse. If you already have a laptop or a tablet or something you use while moving about, get a desktop. Will be lots cheaper and faster.

    Deciding something like this is very much a personal thing, we can offer OUR opinions, but it's really up to you what you want to use.

    If I had about 2.5k to spend on a system, and I had nothing already, I'd get a fast desktop for about 1.5k and a good mid-range gaming laptop for $1,000 instead of one super fast laptop. The laptop would be OK for playing games at lower settings, the desktop would be the one for full immersion.
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