Aspire 8730 Subwoofer not working

Hoping someone can help.

I just bought an Acer Aspire 8730 laptop and it has a built in Subwoofer. I can't get any sound of the sub, the other 5 speakers work fine but without any bass the sound is just pathetic as apparently none of the speakers have any low built in.

Acer wanted me to return it for service after reinstalling the drivers, but since I just got it from NewEgg I have to ship it back to them, wait 2 weeks, wait till it comes back... etc (2 - 4 weeks)

Anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing the problem?
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  1. I have exactly the same problem with my 8730. The rest of the speakers work, but nothing from the subwoofer. I won't send it back to Acer even though it's still under warranty because I did that with a keyboard problem (the right shift key doesn't work properly, and the x key is now beginning to fail) and they sent it back to me unrepaired, saying there was nothing wrong with it. That was a big waste of about $50 in shipping fees, and a big loss of time while it was wherever they didn't fix it. I'm not going through that again.
    I hope that somebody posts with a solution to this, because I'm driving myself up a wall trying to figure it out.
    Once my warranty ends, I'll probably open it up. Won't do it before then because I don't want to void the warranty - for what little it's worth. But I have a funny feeling that somebody at the factory simply forgot to connect the wire to the subwoofer. Probably a 5 minute fix once I get it opened. Good ol Acer. God bless us if we don't get machines that are in perfect condition when they leave the factory, because dealing with their service/warranty people is HORRIBLE!
  2. WoW this must be a factory flaw, I bought mine about September 2009 and out of the box the sub never worked thought it was just mine I looked and tried to find a way to fix it but never found anything other than reinstalling the drivers witch never worked they need to reimburse us or something. Anytime I need to hear something on my computer I have to use head phones cause the other speakers are not loud enough to hear over everyday minor noises. If there is anybody else out there who has an Acer Aspire 8730 that has a defective subwofer or any other speaker problems leave a reply like I did and if we get enough of them maybe we can do something about it besides sending it in the mail that would cost us even more money and time off our computer, speak up come on hay you there, the one reading this tell what your problem is I know you must have a computer problem cause your still reading this tell us what it is. Maybe if they send us a new Aspire 8730 that works we will be happy with that and let us keep the one we have for the trouble you have caused us using your product I would take that deal nothin less though. :non:
  3. do you have to turn it on in the audio options?

    If you're using Vista/7, then go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, right click the speaker icon, go playback devices, select your output device (I presume its "speakers"), go to enhancements and see if there is an option for woof woof machine
  4. I have the same exact problem.... Bought the Acer aspire 8730 in June 2009 and the subwoofer "worked" for the first week - with horrible buzzing sounds. None of the posts helped, even Acer suggestions/ driver reloads did not help.
    One driver worked for testing the subwoofer, but then it would not keep the 5.1 output setting so I could not actually use the 5.1 speakers, only test them.

    I shipped it to Acer, they say they replaced the subwoofer... still does not work. What a waste of time and money. They did not even bother to TEST the speaker they say they replaced.
    Now I am out of warranty, and the phone number automatically kicks me off instead of letting me speak with someone about the added 90-day warranty on their work!

    Also have an issue with windows not booting every 2 times. Bios boots up, then the Hard drive stops responding. Looks like Alt + F10 works to fix this issue for today - did you run into this other problem? If so, how did you fix it?

    Can't believe I bought an Acer :(
  5. I found a post that may help. Maybe the subwoofer works, just the testing does not work.
    Play a song with some bass.
    Go to control planel, sound, playback, speakers, properties, levels tab.
    While the music is playing, adjust the INTERNAL subwoofer sound all the way down, then all the way up. You can feel the speaker with your hand and hear that its working.
    Another post says the Internal subwoofer is the one on the computer, and the one labled subwoofer is for external connections. Sounds dumb but seems to work.

    Its real dumb that the testing function does not allow you to see that the subwoofer is working.
    Hope this works for you too.
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