I am in need of some help! My computer just completly crashed, I need my computer for my studies, I really need to get my computer back quickly, I am using windows 98 but do not have the disk as it was shop bought. I have modified my computer so much the startup disk does not work. (I tried that already) So I am leaning towards buying Windows XP. My problem is, will my existing perifrals/components be compatable?
my graphics card is a GeForce2 MX400 that is meant to be compatable with win98/me/2000, will this work with XP even though it is not mentioned anyware in the manual?
What about any software produced befor windows XP, will this still work? Joysticks, will they work?
What is the situation, will everything be compatable?
I really appreciate any replies!
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  1. The only thing you should be worried about with system compatability and WinXP is if your system is fast enuff to run XP acceptably. If you have anything under P3 or Athlon I would suggest you try to find a Win98se CD.

    WindowsXP is compatable with most everything now and has compatability modes to emulate running software on a previous Windows version. If you are really concerned with specific hardware compatabilities look on there website for WinXP drivers, often Win2000 drivers work in WinXP as well.
  2. If you search the windows catalog on Microsoft's web site, you should be able to put any doubts to rest.

    en Xristos
  3. Hi
    I have managed to run Windows XP Pro on an AMD K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB EDO RAM and a VX mobo and it's USEABLE!!

    As my Athlon system has died (my fault), I'm currently using the above system with an AMD K6 200MHz, and although I couldn't use it for more than the two weeks I need to, it is still quite useable.
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