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I'll be starting school soon and I am in need of a laptop. I have been looking at two different ones:

ASUS G Series G50VT-X6

ASUS N80 Series N80Vn-X5

When I went to look back at the N80, I found Newegg had discontinued the product so can somebody suggest a laptop that is similar to these criteria?

-Good sound card/quality
-Decent size screen that is easy to view even in direct sunlight
-Decent battery life
-Good video card for games
-Keyboard that has similar feel to desktop keyboard

I'm more of a desktop person and I'm kind of clueless about laptops so any opinions are appreciated.

I like the G50VT, but it seems to have a short battery life - an average of about 4 hours. Should I go with the G50 or can someone recommend a better laptop that fits those criteria?
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  1. budget?
  2. Around $1,000 if possible. At most around where the ASUS G50 is priced.
  3. This guy looks pretty good:


    I should remind you that (1) notebooks do not carry good sound cards or speakers. Period. No notebook does, and no notebook will, due to the nature of the beast, and (2) no notebook that's good at gaming has a good battery life. Expecting 4 hours out of a midrange machine is almost ridiculous.
  4. Yes, I realize that current laptops cannot have good sound cards but at least a decent sounding laptop is fine. I also realize there is a trade off with battery life and gaming but that's just something that must be accepted. The only difference I find between the ASUS G50 and the MSI GX was video card, processor & processor speed, and screen resolution (wsxga+ vs. wxga). So if there isn't anymore possible suggestions, which laptop is preferable?

    As a side question: which display type is preferable as well? I know the difference between wxga and wsxga+ but I have no clue about the perks of each.
  5. The only difference is resolution. If you're happy with the battery life, just pick the first one. It's better...but it's also $1300.
  6. Yup thanks man. I've decided on that ASUS. I've read a lot of reviews on it and there are too many advantages it has over the MSI. Thanks for your help!
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