How do you uninstall Windows Media PLayer in XP

It doesn't appear that I can uninstall Windows Media Player from the My Computer/add-remove programs/windows setup menu like I could in Windows 98. Any ideas how to uninstall it in Windows XP?
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  1. As far as I know, you can't. But, you can play the older version of WiMP by typing "mplayer2" in the run dialog. (Sorry if this is the incorrect name, but I'm currently in Windows 2000).

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  2. You cant yet, but once XP SP1 comes out in August, or thereabout, you'll be able to since they are allowing you the option to chose 3rd party software instead of their proprietary software ie., realplayer instead of media player; netsape instead of internet explorer, etc
  3. Well, it's a little scam, but all the Service Pack allows is you to remove the shortcuts to get to WiMP or OE. In essence, they're still there.

    The space it takes up isn't too much compared to the amount of space we have available to us right now. But, if you're tight on space, then that's a whole different story.

    See ya

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