The Golden French Fry -- need beta testing

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I wrote this game today, and wanted to have it beta-tested. Not for a
competition or anything, but to work out some of the bugs in it. It
hasn't been run or compiled yet (I'm on my brother's computer), but
it should work in QBasic or GW-Basic (assuming the lines aren't too

Anyways, here is the source code:

10 rem +------------------------------------------------------+
11 rem + 'The Golden Fry' (Version 1.01) - for Windows/MS-DOS +
12 rem + Author: Paul Allen Panks ( +
13 rem + Coded on: November 16, 2004 +
14 REM + License: Public Domain +
15 rem +------------------------------------------------------+
16 rem Intialize variables (keep all REM statements!)
17 cls:DIM LO(20),NO$(20),VB$(20),OB$(20),EX$(20),DE$(25),ET$(25),RT$(25),m(25,6),av,hp,hm,sc,sm,rm,ic,a$,b$,wd$(20)
20 LO(7)=1:LO(8)=4:LO(9)=3:rm=1:m(1,2)=2:m(2,1)=1:m(2,2)=5:m(3,1)=6:m(3,2)=1:m(2,3)=4:m(4,4)=2:m(5,1)=2:m(6,2)=3
22 LO(10)=-1:LO(11)=6:hm=125:hp=hm:m(7,6)=5:sm=250:av=0:sc=0:s=0:cz=0:RT$(1)="Inside
the house":RT$(2)="On a long road (near the house)"
23 RT$(3)="Strange new world":RT$(4)="On the path (past a row of
houses)":RT$(5)="In a small apple orchard":RT$(6)="By the waterfall"
24 RT$(7)="Atop a small tree branch":gosub 230:gosub 235:rem
initialize verbs and nouns
25 OB$(7)="A golden french fry ":OB$(8)="A large soft drink
":OB$(9)="A large katana (gleaming softly) "
26 OB$(10)="A red apple (slightly green) ":OB$(11)="A menacing dragon,
lurking under the water... "
27 EX$(7)="This is a golden french fry. It appears magical, like
someone has enchanted it!"
28 EX$(8)="This large soft drink appears to contain Pepsi or
Coca-Cola. Either way, it looks good!"
29 EX$(9)="This is a long katana, forged from the fires of ancient
Japan. It gleams oddly in the fading light."
30 DE$(1)="You are standing inside the house. Your parent's have left
for the weekend, and won't "
31 DE$(1)=DE$(1)+"won't be back until Monday. They have left you with
a few dollars, some french fries and"
32 DE$(1)=DE$(1)+" a large two-liter bottle of soda. There are a few
tables and chairs nearby, as well as "
33 DE$(1)=DE$(1)+"a doorway to the south (slightly ajar).":EX$(10)="A
lone red apple. It appears somewhat rotten and diseased."
34 ET$(1)="You can move south, past a narrow doorway. It heads
outside.":EX$(11)="A large, menacing dragon. It has tough scales and
powerful claws!"
35 DE$(2)="You are walking outside your house (on a narrow street).
The road is paved only slightly, "
36 DE$(2)=DE$(2)+" suggesting a rural location. Smoke rises from the
houses above, drifting into a pale "
37 DE$(2)=DE$(2)+" blue sky above."
38 ET$(2)="A road leads east of here, near a small hill. Another road
heads past an orchard of trees."
39 DE$(3)="You have entered into a strange and alien world unlike
anything you have ever seen! A large "
40 DE$(3)=DE$(3)+"circular object (glowing green) hovers above you. It
pulsates a strange, almost hypnotic light "
41 DE$(3)=DE$(3)+" which hurts your eyes! But you adjust slowly to the
room, and notice even more than before! A "
42 DE$(3)=DE$(3)+" small waterfall is visible north of here, cascading
down into a small pool below. You also "
43 DE$(3)=DE$(3)+" notice faint, red eyes glowing in the darkness
beneath the water..."
44 ET$(3)="You can wander north, or exit through a time rift to the
45 DE$(4)="You are walking down a lone road (past towering houses).
Many of these houses look alike, as if"
46 DE$(4)=DE$(4)+" a lone architect constructed them all. Although
Frank Lloyd Wright is no longer with us"
47 DE$(4)=DE$(4)+" his vision apparently lives on in these
manufactured homes."
48 ET$(4)="There doesn't appear to be much else here. You can go back
south (towards the house)."
49 DE$(5)="You are walking through an orchard of trees. Several apples
are visible above, some of them "
50 DE$(5)=DE$(5)+" ripe enough to eat. They are shrouded in green
leaves, many of them falling down to the "
51 DE$(5)=DE$(5)+" ground (as if cursed). In fact, the trees appear
diseased and ugly suddenly! What's going"
52 DE$(5)=DE$(5)+" on here? You feel weaker by the minute. Perhaps you
should wander back north, where it is"
53 DE$(5)=DE$(5)+" safer..."
54 ET$(5)="The only exit (unless you can climb) is back north."
55 DE$(6)="You are facing a small waterfall near a large, gleaming
pool. The water appears to be enchanted by"
56 DE$(6)=DE$(6)+" an unknown magic. You touch the water, but pull
back, for it feels dense and uninviting. "
57 DE$(6)=DE$(6)+" What manner of magic could do such a thing, you
wonder? Suddenly, you notice movement below"
58 DE$(6)=DE$(6)+" the water, and you recoil quickly! A pair of
beastly red eyes, though faint, stare at you"
59 DE$(6)=DE$(6)+" ominously from below... "
60 ET$(6)="You can enter the water, or walk south towards a cave."
61 DE$(7)="You are standing on a branch atop a tree (in the orchard).
How you got up here (or why you are even"
62 DE$(7)=DE$(7)+" up here is anybody's guess). You can see a house to
the north, and a field of trees further"
63 DE$(7)=DE$(7)+" further west. You notice these apples looked fairly
rotten, with a few minor exceptions."
64 ET$(7)="The only way back down is, well, down..."
65 print rt$(rm):print de$(rm):
66 print et$(rm):if rm=5 and cz=1 then ?"An apple tree has collapsed
(someone chopped it down)."
67 for x=7 to 11:if LO(x)=rm then ? OB$(x)
68 next
70 a$="":a=0:pt=0:nm=0:dt$="":print:line input">",a$:ic=0:for x=1 to
5:if lo(x)=0 then ic=ic+1
80 next:pt=1: nm=0:dt$=a$:FOR a=1 TO LEN(dt$)
101 IF MID$(dt$, a, 1)=" " THEN
102 NEXT:nm=nm + 1: a$=MID$(dt$,pt,a-pt):wd$(nm)=LCASE$(a$)
103 n$=wd$(2):n2$=wd$(5):v$=wd$(1):v2$=wd$(4)
104 if nm>5 then ?"Command too complex. Please try again.":GOTO 70
105 if a$="i" or a$="inv" or a$="inventory" then goto 200
106 if a$="score" or a$="sc" or a$="?" or a$="stats" or a$="stat" then
goto 205
107 if a$="l" or a$="look" then goto 65
108 if a$="q" or a$="quit" or a$="exit" or a$="bye" or a$="goodbye" or
a$="good bye" then goto 210
109 if a$="help" or a$="help me" or a$="hint" or a$="mercy" then goto
110 if LO(11)=998 then goto 500
111 if a$="drink water" then if rm<>3 and rm<>6 then ?"That isn't here
to drink.":goto 70
112 if a$="drink water" then ?"The water tastes a bit
salty.":sc=sc+3:hp=hp+5:goto 70
113 V=0:for x=1 to 14:if wd$(1)=VB$(x) or wd$(4)=VB$(x) then v=x
114 next
115 n=0:for x=1 to 11:if wd$(2)=NO$(x) or wd$(2)=AO$(x) or
wd$(5)=NO$(x) or wd$(5)=AO$(x) then n=x
116 next:if n=0 and v<>5 or n=0 and v<>7 or n=0 and v<>14 then ?"What?
Noun not recognized. Try a different one.":goto 70
117 on v goto 240,250,260,270,280,290,300,310,320,330,340,350,400,410
118 print"What? Command not understood.":?"Type 'help' for a command
list.":goto 70
119 rem inventory
200 s=0:?"You are carrying:":for x=1 to 5: if lo(x)=0 then print "
";ob$(x):s=s+1:if av=0 then av=1:sc=sc+(x*4)
201 next:if s=0 then ?"You have nothing on hand..."
202 goto 70
205 rem score
206 print"You have ";hp;" hit points (of ";hm;" )."
207 print"You are carrying ";ic;" items.":?"Wimpy mode (flee when
below 1/3 hp)."
208 goto 70
209 rem quit game
210 gosub 600:print:print"Your score was ";sc;" out of ";sm;"
points.":print"You had ";hp;" of ";hm;" hit points and"
211 print"carried with you ";ic;" objects.":print
212 print"Play again (y/n)?"
213 b$=inkey$:if b$="" then goto 213
214 if b$="y" or b$="Y" then goto 10
215 if b$="n" or b$="N" then print:print"Thanks for playing! :)":end
216 goto 213
220 rem help command
221 print:print"HELP COMMAND":print:print"This game is a text
adventure. You can play anyway you like, but"
222 print"keep in mind that to move about (or do anything useful), you
must enter in one or two word"
223 print"commands. These commands are structured in the following
224 print"<verb> <noun>":print
225 print"For example, typing 'go north' will move your player one
room to the north.":print
226 print"You may also enter one word commands (such as 'inventory'),
or abbreviations (such as 'i').":print
227 print"Commands include:":print:print"GO,GET,DROP,USE,EXAMINE,LOOK,CLIMB,EAT,DRINK,INVENTORY,SCORE,":?"KILL
and QUIT.":print
228 print"If all else fails, you can also e-mail me at:":print
229 goto 70
230 rem initialize verbs
231 VB$(1)="go":VB$(2)="get":VB$(3)="drop":VB$(4)="use":VB$(5)="examine":VB$(6)="look"
232 VB$(7)="climb":VB$(8)="eat":VB$(9)="drink":VB$(10)="inventory":VB$(11)="score":VB$(12)="kill":VB$(13)="quit":VB$(14)="scratch"
235 rem initialize nouns
236 NO$(1)="north":NO$(2)="south":NO$(3)="east":NO$(4)="west":NO$(5)="up":NO$(6)="down"
237 NO$(7)="french fry":AO$(7)="fry":NO$(8)="soft
238 AO$(9)="sword":NO$(10)="apple":AO$(10)="fruit":NO$(11)="dragon":AO$(11)="beast"
239 return
240 rem go command
241 if m(rm,n)=0 then ?"You can't go that way.":goto 70
242 rm=m(rm,n):?"You wander ";NO$(n);"...":?:goto 65
250 rem get command
251 if LO(n)<>rm then ?"That isn't here (or cannot be reached).":GOTO
252 if n=11 then ?"(Get dragon)":?"The dragon sees your hand, and
becomes scared!":?"The dragon moves away, much too fast for you to
catch him!":LO(11)=-1:sc=sc+5:GOTO 70
253 if n<7 then ?"You can't pick that up, silly!":GOTO 70
254 LO(n)=0:PRINT"Ok.":ic=ic+1:GOTO 70
260 rem drop command
261 IF LO(n)<>rm then ?"Sorry, but that's impossible right
now...":GOTO 70
262 IF LO(n)<>0 then ?"You don't have it!":GOTO 70
263 LO(n)=rm:?"Ok.":ic=ic-1:GOTO 70
270 rem use command
271 if lo(n)<>0 and lo(n)<>rm then ?"How shall you use that?":goto 70
272 if n<7 then ?"Sorry, but that's impossible right now...":goto 70
273 if n=7 then ?"You can't USE a french fry! (You can only eat
it)":goto 70
274 if n=8 then ?"You try using the soft drink, but without much
success.":?"(Perhaps you should try drinking it!)":goto 70
275 if n=9 then if rm=5 and cz=0 then cz=1:?"You use the sword (on the
tree).":?"< THHHUUUUDDDD!!! >":?"A tree falls down, collapsing in
front of you.":?"Some apples fall out...":LO(10)=rm:sc=sc+25:goto 70
276 if n=9 then if rm=5 then ?"(On the tree)":?"The tree has already
been chopped down...":goto 70
277 if n=9 then if rm=6 and lo(11)<>rm then ?"(On dragon)":?"The
dragon isn't here.":GOTO 70
278 if n=9 then if rm=6 then ?"(On dragon)":?"You attack the
dragon...":goto 350
279 goto 700
280 rem examine command
281 if a$="examine tree" or a$="examine trees" then if rm=5 then
?"These trees look ages old. Some of them have fruit on
them.":sc=sc+5:goto 70
282 if a$="examine house" then if rm=1 then ?"The house looks fairly
clean, although your parents won't be pleased if":?"you mess it up
while they're gone!":sc=sc+2:goto 70
283 if a$="examine tables" or a$="examine table" then if rm=1 then
?"It looks like an ordinary oak table.":if LO(7)=rm then ?"Resting on
the table is a golden french fry.":sc=sc+8
284 if a$="examine chairs" or a$="examine chair" then if rm=1 then
?"The chairs are made out of oak and marble. Don't scratch
them!":sc=sc+3:goto 70
285 if a$="examine doorway" or a$="examine door" then if rm=1 then
?"The doorway extends outside, heading into sunlight
ahead.":sc=sc+10:goto 70
286 if a$="examine house" then if rm=2 then ?"Your house is much too
far away to examine closely. You'll need to move closer.":sc=sc+3:goto
287 if a$="examine street" or a$="examine road" then if rm=2 then
?"The street heads east and west from your vantage point. It appears
to wind":?"to the southwest, towards a grassy hillside (south of
here).":sc=sc+15:goto 70
288 if a$="examine houses" then if rm=2 then ?"The houses tower above
you, rising upwards about twenty feet. Every house looks the
same,":?"as they are all painted a dull, lifeless, grey
color.":sc=sc+8:goto 70
289 goto 650
290 rem look command
291 goto 65
300 rem climb command
301 if a$="climb tree" or a$="climb trees" then if rm=5 then if cz=0
then ?"You climb the tree...":?:rm=7:sc=sc+30:goto 65
302 if a$="climb tree" or a$="climb trees" then if rm=5 then ?"The
tree is already down, and cannot be climbed.":?"All the other trees
appear to be too high.":sc=sc+5:goto 70
303 if a$="climb hill" or a$="climb hillside" then if rm=2 or rm=4 or
rm=5 or rm=7 then ?"The hillside is much too far away to climb from
here.":?"You'll have to find another way around...":sc=sc+12:goto 70
304 if a$="climb object" then if rm=3 or rm=6 then ?"The object is too
high up to climb.":?"You'll need a ladder (or something else) to reach
it...":sc=sc+8:goto 70
305 ?"That cannot be climbed (safely).":goto 70
310 rem eat command
311 if lo(n)<>0 and lo(n)<>rm then ?"That isn't here to eat.":goto 70
312 if n<7 or n=11 then ?"You can't eat that, silly!":goto 70
313 if n=7 and rm=1 then ?"Your body feels very
light...":?:rm=3:LO(7)=3:sc=sc+25:goto 70
314 if n=7 and rm=3 then ?"Your body feels very
light...":?:rm=1:lo(7)=1:sc=sc+12:goto 70
315 if n=7 then ?"You could eat that here, but you wouldn't have
nearly":?"as much fun!":sc=sc+3:goto 70
316 if n=8 then ?"Try drinking the soft drink instead.":goto 70
317 if n=10 then ?"You eat the apple...":?"Suddenly, you feel a sharp
pain in your stomach!":?"That apple was poisonous!":?"You
died.":?:?"THE END":goto 210
318 if n=11 then ?"You try to eat the dragon, but it smells your stale
breath and moves away!":LO(11)=-1:sc=sc+5:goto 70
319 ?"You can't eat that (here).":goto 70
320 rem drink command
321 if lo(n)<>0 and lo(n)<>rm then ?"That isn't here to drink.":goto
322 if n<7 or n=11 then ?"You can't drink that, silly!":goto 70
323 if n=8 then ?"You drink the soda.":?"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!":?"It tastes
refreshing!":hp=hm:sc=sc+8:LO(8)=1:goto 70
324 ?"You can't drink that (here).":goto 70
330 rem inventory command
331 goto 200
340 rem score command
341 goto 205
350 rem kill command
351 if lo(n)<>rm then ?"You can't kill that!":goto 70
352 if n<>11 then ?"You can't kill something that isn't alive.":goto
353 randomize timer:mh=int(rnd*350)+1:?"You are fighting the
354 randomize timer:i=int(rnd*35)+1:if i<=5 then ?"You missed."
355 if i>=6 and i<=10 then ?"You hit
dragon.":mh=mh-2*(ic+1):sc=sc+i:if LO(9)=0 then mh=mh-(hp*2)
356 if i>=11 and i<=15 then ?"You hit dragon
hard.":mh=mh-3*(ic+1):sc=sc+(i*2):if LO(9)=0 then mh=mh-(hp*3)
357 if i>=16 and i<=20 then ?"You hit dragon very
hard.":mh=mh-4*(ic+1):sc=sc+(i*3):if LO(9)=0 then mh=mh-(hp*4)
358 if LO(9)=0 then if i>=21 and i<=25 then ?"The katana flashes with
a dark power."
359 if i>=21 and i<=25 then ?"You smashed dragon with a bone-crushing
sound.":mh=mh-6*(ic+1):sc=sc+(i*5):if LO(9)=0 then mh=mh-(hp*6)
360 if LO(9)=0 then if i>=26 and i<=30 then ?"The katana flashes with
a dark power."
361 if i>=26 and i<=30 then ?"You massacred dragon into small
fragments.":mh=mh-8*(ic+1):sc=sc+(i*6):if LO(9)=0 then mh=mh-(hp*10)
362 if i>=31 then ?"The dragon dodged your attack.":sc=sc+1
363 if LO(8)=0 then if i>=20 then ?"You take a sip from the
soda...":?"Your wounds healed somewhat.":hp=hp+i:if hp>hm then hp=hm
364 ?">"
365 randomize timer:i=int(rnd*35)+1:if i<=5 then ?"The dragon missed."
366 if i>=6 and i<=10 then ?"The dragon hit you.":hp=hp-i
367 if i>=11 and i<=15 then ?"The dragon hit you hard.":hp=hp-(i*2)
368 if i>=16 and i<=20 then ?"The dragon hit you very
369 if i>=21 and i<=25 then ?"The dragon smashed you with a
bone-crushing sound.":hp=hp-(i*4)
370 if i>=26 and i<=30 then ?"The dragon massacred you into small
371 if i>=31 then ?">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F I R E - B A L L ! !
!":?"The dragon shoots a fireball at you!":goto 365
372 ?">"
373 if hp<36 and hp>0 then ?"What ?":?"What ?":?"What ?":?"What
?":?"What ?":?:?"You wimpy south...":rm=3:?:goto 65
374 if hp<0 then ?"You died.":?"You have a strange feeling.":goto 515
375 if mh<0 then ?"The dragon dies.":?"You killed the dragon
dead.":goto 500
376 ?"(F)ight or (R)un?";
377 b$=inkey$:if b$="f" or b$="B" then goto 354
378 if b$="r" or B$="R" then ?"You flee south...":rm=3:goto 70
379 goto 377
400 rem quit command
401 goto 210
410 rem scratch command
411 if rm=1 then if a$="scratch chair" or a$="scratch chairs" then
?"You scratch the chairs for awhile.":?"Oh dear! Your parents will be
VERY upset!":sc=sc+50
412 print"That didn't seem to work.":GOTO 70
500 rem player wins
501 print:print"The dead dragon lay at your feet, splattered in blood.
You have defeated"
502 print"the menacing dragon, but in a small way, you feel deeply
sorry for it. It had been"
503 print"lurking in these waters for quite some time, and yet you
felt the need to slay it"
504 print"with your sword. What a pity. Your parents will be unhappy
to hear of this news...":?
505 print"As you step outside, out from the stale air and into the
crystal clear air, you feel"
506 print"fully alive and refreshed. As you look towards the horizon,
the once gloomy orchard"
507 print"has been replaced by a lovely row of apple trees, springing
forth life from within.":?
508 print"You glance at the apple in your pocket. It, too, has changed
from a pale green to a"
509 print"vibrant red. Biting into it, you taste the fresh apple. It's
fantastic! Your parent's"
510 print"will be home anytime now, but this adventure is hardly
over...for your weekend has just"
511 print"begun!":?:?"THE END":goto 210
512 rem player loses
515 ?:?"You feel a horrible crunch, as the dragon rips you to pieces!
The last thing you see"
516 ?"is the murky water below, as the dragon twists and turns your
insides into a bloody mess!":?:?"THE END":GOTO 210
599 rem check for problems
600 if sc>sm then sc=sm
601 if hp>hm then hp=hm
602 if hp<1 then hp=0
603 if mh<1 then mh=1
604 if ic<1 then ic=0
605 return
649 rem examine command (extended)
650 if a$="examine sky" then if rm=2 or rm=4 or rm=5 then ?"The sky
above looks crystal clear. You notice some":?"small clouds gathering
in the distance (over the near horizon).":sc=sc+12:goto 70
651 if a$="examine horizon" then if rm=2 or rm=4 or rm=5 then ?"The
distant horizon looks hazy and boring. You":?"notice a few lone
clouds, hovering in the far distance ahead.":sc=sc+6:goto 70
652 if a$="examine clouds" or a$="examine cloud" then if rm=2 or rm=4
or rm=5 then ?"The clouds are a puffy mix of white, grey and blue.
They look like small cottonballs":?"floating in the
sky!":sc=sc+12:goto 70
653 if a$="examine hill" or a$="examine hillside" or a$="examine tree"
or a$="examine trees" then if rm=2 or rm=4 then ?"Both the trees and
the hillside are much too far away to examine closely.":?"You do
notice, however, that the hillside slopes downward several
feet.":sc=sc+5:goto 70
654 if a$="examine object" then if rm=3 and lo(9)=rm then ?"The object
appears to be suspended in midair, hovering ever":?"so slightly! Atop
the object appears to be a long metal sword.":sc=sc+8:goto 70
655 if a$="examine object" then if rm=3 and lo(9)<>rm then ?"The
object appears to be suspended in midair, hovering ever":?"so
slightly! The top of the object appears empty, however.":sc=sc+4:goto
656 if a$="examine light" then if rm=3 or rm=6 then ?"All round, light
can be is a pure blue light, emanting from":?"deep within
the murky water below! Someone (or something) has enchanted
it...":sc=sc+16:goto 70
657 if a$="examine waterfall" then if rm=3 or rm=6 then ?"The
waterfall splashes down from an unknown source. It cascades down into
a":?"glowing pool of water (at the surface of this cave). It appears
magical!":sc=sc+20:goto 70
658 if a$="examine pool" then if rm=3 or rm=6 then ?"The pool appears
to below a striking blue. It appears to be coming from":?"deep within
the water. What makes it glow is not immediately known to
you.":sc=sc+25:goto 70
659 if a$="examine water" then if rm=3 or rm=6 then ?"The water glows
a soft, pale blue. You notice something moving down
below...":?"Whatever it is, you mustn't disturb it...for it might be
looking for a quick meal!":sc=sc+34:goto 70
660 if a$="examine leaves" then if rm=5 then ?"These leaves used to be
green and lovely, but have since been":?"turned to an ashen grey
color. There is something very wrong with this orchard!":sc=sc+12:goto
661 if a$="examine ground" then if rm=5 then ?"The ground is covered
with leaves. You notice they don't look":?"very healthy (even the
recently fallen ones).":sc=sc+11:goto 70
662 if a$="examine tree" or a$="examine branch" then if rm=7 then
?"This tree appears aged and twisted. It used to be young
and":?"healthy, but something has diseased it, making it appear sickly
and old.":sc=sc+18:goto 70
663 if a$="examine orchard" or a$="examine field" then if rm=5 or rm=7
then ?"The orchard spans several hundred yards (in both directions).
It appears to head":?"towards a sloping hillside, winding past a large
field.":sc=sc+24:goto 70
664 if a$="examine hill" or a$="examine hillside" then if rm=5 or rm=7
then ?"The hillside slopes downward several feet to the southwest. At
the base of the":?"hill, you notice a lone treestump.":sc=sc+21:goto
665 if a$="examine treestump" then if rm=5 or rm=7 then ?"The
treestump is much too far away to examine closely.":?"However, it
appears someone has chopped that tree down (with a
sword).":sc=sc+8:goto 70
666 if n<7 then ?"You notice nothing unusual about it.":goto 70
667 if n>0 then ? EX$(n):if n=11 then ?"It's glowing red eyes seem to
follow you about the":?"surface of the water!":?"Perhaps it would be
best not to disturb it...":sc=sc+n:goto 70
699 goto 70
700 rem use command (extended)
701 if n=10 then if lo(11)=rm then ?"(On dragon)":?"You throw the
apple at the dragon, missing it narrowly.":?"The apple floats to the
top, which the dragon eyes hungrily. It eats it quickly,
but":?"something is horribly wrong! The dragon emits a series of
horrible moans, and it":?"floats belly up, dead.":?:sc=sc+100:?"THE
END":goto 210
702 if n=10 then ?"You can't really USE an apple. What else can you do
with it?":sc=sc+1:goto 70
703 if n=11 then ?"(Get dragon)":?"The dragon sees your hand, becomes
scared, and darts away!":lo(11)=-1:sc=sc+5:goto 70
704 ?"You can't use that here.":GOTO 70


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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    "Paul Allen Panks" <> wrote in message
    >I wrote this game today, and wanted to have it beta-tested. Not for a
    > competition or anything, but to work out some of the bugs in it. It
    > hasn't been run or compiled yet (I'm on my brother's computer), but
    > it should work in QBasic or GW-Basic (assuming the lines aren't too
    > long).
    > Anyways, here is the source code:


    Have you considered posting the code to a website, as opposed to
    cut-and-pasting into newsgroup messages? I can't possibly be the first
    person to have suggested that..... I tried to glance at it, but I get
    linebreaks in my cut-and-paste.

    Also, might a better course of action be to run it yourself and work out any
    major kinks, before recruiting assistance? Just a thought. I've been
    programming for almost seventeen years, and I can scarcely write a
    quarter-page of code without a typo of some kind, let along no bugs at

    ---- Mike.
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Hello Sidney,

    I'm currently working on a 29-room version of this game, with more
    items and a few more puzzles/monsters. It should be ready be tomorrow

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