Hibernate mode fails- wakes up unasked

Every evening after hibernation, the computer comes out of hibernation unexpectedly, lights up the screen unasked for!
Note: I have adjusted the power settings in control panel to do this w/o a password wake-up. Even the screen doesn't dim with no use! This is a new phenomenon, it was working properly about a month ago. I did at one time in the last month reset everything to defaults, but that was in response to the beginning of this problem !
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  1. Make sure that the BIOS is set such that the machine will not wake on LAN or USB
  2. I had already done that. In the meantime, I think I found the problem in the device manager with the NIC card. I turned it off & the computer stayed in hibernation 2 days until I brought it up this morning.
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    That means that you have not in fact disabled "wake on LAN"
  4. I had this happen with an HP computer and a mouse. The laser in the mouse is too sensitive and every little jiggle in the room wakes the computer. In your case it may be your network card too. Just go into the device manager and select the network card, mouse, or other device you need to. Right-click it and select properties. You should see "Allow this device to wake computer". Disable that option. This should fix your problem.
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  6. ex_bubblehead said:
    That means that you have not in fact disabled "wake on LAN"

    Is that an additional setting? It seems to be working OK over the weekend.
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