Sony VAIO VGN-Z690 driver help.

I just got the VGN-Z690 customizable Z series VAIO. I want to put in Vista Ultimate 32-bit to get a fresh start but unfortunately they don't offer it for my version of Vista. They have and "only compatible" with are XP, Business 32-bit, Home Premium 64-bit and Ultimate 64-bit. Their tech support, which is as always lacking, told me they don't have any drives or software utilities for Ultimate 32-bit. I thought that drivers and utilities are categorize in either 32-bit or 64-bit and Vista and XP versions. I didn't know that Vista made it more complicated with pre-built system to have different drivers for each of the versions of the same OS. I don't know if Sony is the only one doing this or the tech support from them just don't know. Maybe it's just me. If I do go on and install my version of Vista, would I be able to use the Business drivers and utilities as it's a 32-bit version? Any other help would really appreciate it. By the way, is their an application that will let me know what drivers I need in my computer, beside Windows Update?

By the way here's the latest from Sony Support:

Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

I'm sorry that the previous response didn't resolve the issue. The device drivers and/or software updates are Operating System specific, they may not be compatible with the alternate Windows platforms. Unfortunately, due to the significant hardware requirements of Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit environment, Sony can offer no assistance for any installation or hardware compatibility issues for the Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on your model.

Thank you for understanding.

The Sony Email Response Team
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  1. hey, i just got the z690 too.
    At first, i downgrade it to xp by the SonyOriginal Downgrad Discs.
    And then, I use the free partition software ( search in google, free-trial) to make 2 partitions.
    After everything done, i install the fresh Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
    Unfortunately, Sony drivers sometimes just give us the upgrade, not the original drive ... my laptop is stuck and suck ( very shocking, too).
    The Stamina-Speed (switch between the Intel 45series chipset and the 9300mGS) is useless now, system just sees the 4series chipset, and the 9300mGS is disappear completely... no any drivers from sony could resolve it right now... STUCK>>>
    The Volume Control, Brightness Control are useless... Wasting my time to download the drivers from Sony.
    One more thing, when i bought the laptop from SouthCoast Plaza, the guy who just helped me out to buy it, after i paid for it, he took his lunch... disappear, and then the guy talked with me about the system seem to be didnt want to border my question... he just made me think that... Sony is the great company to answer their customer via phone ( Absolutely not at store)... Stupid Sell Service....
  2. Seriously... That sucks man. I hate Sony for this but still love their products. Have you tried searching the disk for a driver folder or something? I haven't really done anything with my Z690 since I'm busy with using it with school. Did you at least get a fresh start with your Z690? Although it still has all that Sony stuff installed...
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