Windows Booting Problems [Please help..]

Okay this is a hard one
Story is: I built a computer, I can give you the specs if needed. I ran a program (batman arkham city) just like I would any other time, and suddenly my screen flashed white and froze. restarted and wouldn't boot, would give me a white or black screen. I assumed it was a hard drive problem

Got a new hard drive, and cannot get windows to boot. When I boot into it, the motherboard logo and what not runs through, gets to the loading windows screen, and freezes just as the logo starts to form. Cant boot into my windows disk, freezes at the same exact point

Got a different windows disk. I can boot into that, and I installed windows onto the hard drive. go to boot it up, freezes at the SAME POINT. It's the same point every time. So I try to boot into the startup recovery options, I select my hard drive, it finds windows 7, and says it's not compatible. No idea why

So I burn a recovery disk, and it goes through the loading bar and then is black. and wont boot after that.
Can anyone help? I'm completely lost on what the problem is. I've got all new hardware that was working before, it always freezes at the same time,and not all my disks work. I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software problem. Has anyone got any idea?
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  1. did you check your graphic card
  2. I think my motherboard is bad. I got it refurbished and I don't think it's any good
  3. could you rma her or it is to late
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