RAID 0 Stripe Size?

Eh i decided to say the hell with a primary and secondary drive and just set up a RAID 0 again, last time i used a 128kb size (optimal) but i read in the RAID FAQ 8-32 is best for gamers, which is all i do...which would be the best choice?
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  1. I figured that since your moving large texture files, It would make sence to use a larger stripe size. You may get less performance from a small stripe size, but is more organized on the disk. A large stripe size may give more performance, but your sacrafise storage and organization of the data. I think anyhow.

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  2. Well all this machine is for is gaming anyway...just wondering what would fit my situation the best...
  3. I also heard, a larger stripe size will utilize more of your CPU power. The first time I use raid, I use a stripe size of 2 meg. I thought the bigger the better. Boy, I was wrong.
  4. Each controller is a little different.
    I normally use 64k to 128k stripe size.
    I read that the smaller the stripe (like 4k or 8k), the more cpu ativity is needed to stripe data and write, larger stripes get larger pieces of the file written to disk. But if stripe is too large, then the benifit of RAID is lost, because basically you have two hard drives working indepently.
    Larger stripes should not cause more cpu load compared to smaller stripe sizes.

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