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I had no idea where to post this thread...this was my best guess.

My name is Mike. I live in New Jersey. In about two months my family and I will be relocating to Prague, in the Czech Republic. I have so many questions technology wise, I really don't know where to begin. If anyone could provide me any assistance in any of these areas....I would really appreciate it. goes.

I have a Iphone 5 and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy 3S. Will we be able to use them there ? We are moving there permanently. What provider would you recommend ?

If you were in Prauge and wanted a gaming machine, what would you do ? I need to get a computer and laptop first thing when we arrive. What kind of computer hardware do you think Ill find available ? Current ? If I bought a computer on Ebay-US and had it shipped over, would it work ? Would there be hardware power issues ? Would data created on an western computer have different protocols then data on an European computer ? Is the "reginizilation of data" just like in DVD ? Is USB the same everywhere ? Will I have issues charging my devices ?

Lastly, can anyone recommend a resource to learn about different types of power adapters I may need for all of my hardware (Iphone, Samsung Galaxy 3S, Nexus7 Tablet, Cannon HD Ivis HFs11). I really would like to not have to buy new devices in Prauge.

Sorry for all the questions....

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  1. Phone, you need to check with the carriers there, I think both of those devices have the bands needed to run globally. You can do a web search and find out what cell companies are in Prauge.

    Every computer would be the same, except for the voltage the power supply uses, and every power supply I have seen in a computer (not laptop) has a switchable voltage. It's that little red slider on the back of the power supply that you never touch. When you go overseas, you need to touch it :-) You would need to get new power cords though.

    Everything you bring over from US would work fine with the right adapters, warranty may be an issue though, if you buy a US computer, it breaks, you may need to ship it back to US for service.
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