This is a good config? Price? Also RAM question.

Cases: 1002091 Monarch Mid-Tower FK-603SNP w/300W PS $82.00
Case Fan: 130116 - Thermaltake 80x80x25 HP Fan $25.00
Motherboards: 110073 - MSI 645E Max Intel 845G 533FSB DDR 478 $95.00
Processor: 120434 - Intel P4 478 2.53GHz 533 FSB (Retail Box- $278.00
Heat Sink Fan: None
Memory: 140830-2 DDR 2100 - 1 GB Corsair $298.00
Hard Drive: 150131 - Western Digital 120 GB SE 7200 $179.00
2nd Hard Drive: None
RAID Setup: None
CD-ROM: None
DVD: None
Floppy Drive: None
More Storage: None
Sound Card: None
Video Card: None
Modem: None
Operating System: 800008 - None - Barebone System
Network Card: None
Add On Card: None

TOTAL: $1002.00

My question is about the DDR ram. I have an Dell Dimension Pentium 4 with about 768 mbs of RDRAM. From what I have reading on Tom's website it looks like I can use this ram with this type of motherboard? Am I wrong? I also have another tower that has 1gb of SDRAM, I also heard something mentioned about this type of ram being compatible with my config.

So my REAL question is can I use my old SDRAM or RDRAM with this config? If so it would save me bucko bucks. Or should I stay with the DDR ram?

I dunno, thats why I am askin u guys :) (and gals?)
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  1. this board is a SiS 645 dx chipset not intel 845 G and cannot use rdram look <A HREF=" Max2/main.html" target="_new"> here </A>for full specs.

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  2. but can it use sdram?
  3. doesnt look like it from the specs and truth be told sdram would cripple it but good .. not a good idea if you are short on cash get 256 for now of the ddr and add more later

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  4. You might go for a bigger PSU.

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  5. Oh Yea. I would think that for $1000, you could get alot more.

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  6. you could save a lot of money if you went with an AMD CPU.

    either that or get an OEM CPU and buy a better thermaltake volcano 7 heatsink to put on the CPU.

    $278 for that P4 is a ripoff, especially when something of the likes of the AMD Athlon XP 2000 outperforms it.

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