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Does anyone else have problems with Broadcom internal Bluetooth 2.1 adapter not showing up in 'Devices and Printers' and not being able to pair a Bluetooth peripheral after the peripheral itself does show up as soon as it's put into pairing mode, while trying to add it as a new device in 32 bit Windows 7 (using latest drivers and full Windows Updates)? My adapter is USB\VID_13D3&PID_3250 and the peripheral I'm trying to pair is working fine on a different type of computer which happens to also have an internal Broadcom adapter built into it, with the same hardware-ID string but using 64 bit Windows 7 instead of 32 bit.
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  1. Never mind, it's solved now.

    Seems my internal Realtek WiFi adapter was somehow interfearing, because switching it off is what fixed the culprit.

    EDIT: I still have no idea how I got the internal Broadcom Bluetooth adapter to show up as an USB dongle in Devices & Printers on the other machine, but for some reason it doesn't make a difference after all.
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