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I want to replace my CD-Writer as the current writer I have won't burn continuous Audio CDs - there's always a gap between the tracks.
I'm burning using Nero 5 Burning Rom, and the help files all suggest it should be able to burn without gaps - am I wrong?
The help files say the Writer itself needs to be a particular type to burn without gaps - DAO or variable gaps in TAO. However, when I look around for a new device, none of them mention whether they are or not.
Is this because all writers can do this now and it's an outdated concept, have I read the help files wrong, or am I missing something else?
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  1. I think there is a setting in Nero that you can specify the gaps between each track. Its a software issue not hardware.
    Then CHECK or Uncheck "Remove silence at the end of audio tracks".
    This is for Nero 6.3, but should apply to most versions.

    In Roxio 5, there is a TRANSITIONS button near the RECORD button that allows even more fine tuning.

    Hope this helps.
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