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guys finally my new computer rig arrived today, but my problem is the store has already installed everything on it including windows 7 ulitmate and its intel drivers etc.. the problem is they used the DVD that comes with the motherboard so its an old drivers being installed in my desktop.. how to update this drivers? intel chipset drivers, realtek HD audio etc? i have already downloaded before hand the drivers for it, but i dont know how to install this when they have already installed an old drivers please help
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  1. go to motherboard manufacturer site (Gigabyte / asus / intel / msi / etc )...

    go to your motherboard model page, and pick download (driver) section

    it usually listed there......

    also Try windows update
  2. I have already done this, I have already downloaded the drivers needed, but they have already installed old drivers that comes with the DVD of the MSI motherboard..
  3. Drivers can be updated in Device Manager.
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    If it newer, the downloaded driver will replace the driver that installed before...

    if they are the same most installation will just stop (or reinstall it again)
  5. myself, if your struggling, i would download dprsu from here
    its freeware so no worries about copyright theft but the torrent is much much faster than the homepage d/l, then just run the program and it will automatically scan your drivers tell you wich are old versions or missing and will install hem for you easy peasy i have a copi on disk and i use it for off line installs, takes all the effort out of it, for me anyway, you do as you please but i hope that helps
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