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I've been on the quest for searching a new display for my comp and i've narrowed it down to 3 models.
Samsung 214T
Eizo S2100
ViewSonic VP2130b

Which one of the 3 would you recommend as the best ? I'll be using it for photo/video editing mainly.
I've heard the Eizos to be some of the best when it comes to color rendition and such but this one isnt top of the line. Is there really such a quality difference between them at this level cause the Samsung is the cheapest, the Eizo sounds the most professional and the VS is "only" 20.1"...so here is my dilemma !?
Could you please tell me what time of panels do they use cause i couldn't find these specs for any of them. I also want to buy a colorimeter in the near future so i'm asking myself if it's worth spending this amonunt of cash when maybe there won't be any notable difference between them after a corect calibration.

If you know some good CRT alternatives i'm listening, though i'm not very happy to have a big bulky tank up on my desk. But if it delivers the quality... :roll:

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  1. Forget brands or most of the useless specs for image editing; you must find out the panel type. *S-IPS being the best; PVA & MVA somewhat better; TN not recommended.
  2. All 3 have the same S-PVA panel... Samsung's LTM213U6
  3. So there's no other difference between them after all ? 8O
    Which IPS panels do you recommend then ? 21"
  4. Quote:
    So there's no other difference between them after all ? 8O
    Which IPS panels do you recommend then ? 21"

    The panels are the same, so they're likely similar. However, there is also a chip which drives the panel... that will be different with each model, though I don't know which will be better.

    Most of the S-IPS panels will be found in models by NEC and Philips. Not every model has IPS panel, though. The NEC ones will usually have "i" in their model name, like 2190UXi. FWIW...the 2090UXi recently won an award at a computer show as "Monitor of the Year".
  5. HP sells a 20.1" IPS panel in a 4:3 ratio.
    Sometimes a Dell brand will be IPS, but it's a hit and miss. If you can check it before you buy, then that would be a safe option.
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