Xbox 360 wireless controler on WINDOWS

does anyone know if the Xbox 360 wireless controler works with windows XP?
coz, i saw in microsoft site the product- FOR WINDOWS. but it didn't out yet, but the driver is.
so- does anyone know if it's a driver only (so i can buy an XBOX one and play on my pc) or a new HARDWARE? so i'll have to wait for it to ship out?

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  1. You can use any wired xbox360 controller on Windows. You just install the drivers and you're all set to go. they are kind of barebones but new games will allow it work well. I use it for Battlefield 2 mostly but I've used it in FEAR and a few other games.

    There is a little hub/transmitter thing you can get for $20 that lets you use the wireless controllers now. As well as the headset (?). Costs a lot more but no wires.

  2. I would recommend sticking with the wired controller, as the drivers in windows are better.

    YOU HAVE TO INSTALL A THIRD PARTY PROGRAM, PINNACLE GAME PROFILER, to make some games work properly with the xbox 360 controller. Such as prince of persia The Two Thrones....
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