19" LCD Wide. It is worth it?

Hy guys,

I am looking for a 19" LCD wide to replace my 19" LCD nonwide.
The current specs are : A64 3200+ 939, 1.5 gb ddr400, Asus EAX1650XT, 1 x 160gb sata, 1 x 250 gb sata2, pioneer dvdwr and other stuff.
I have now an 19" LG LCD L1915s 12ms, 500:1, i think 250cd/mp, 1280/1024.

I am intrigued in buying a wide 19" LCD. I watch movies, and play let's say and a game if the time is enough (the damn job - 11 hours/day), browsing and listening to music.
My choices are : Samsung 940BW, Benq FP92W and an ASUS which i do not know right now the model.

My question is : it is worth it? would my specs support a resolution of 1440/900 in games?
And if you have other suggestions in the 280 usd range? These are the prices in my home country for these lcds..
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  1. Quote:
    ... looking for a 19" LCD wide to replace my 19" .. LG L1915s... I watch movies, and play let's say and a game ... browsing and listening to music.

    I can't really see the benefit of swapping out a 19" 1280x1024 for a 19" wide 1440x900. 900 pixels is downright silly in this day & age! The only reason they are making 19" widescreen panels is that it's cheaper to manufacture (better use of the glass base-sheets or what ever they are called).

    Considering that 22" wide TFTs are offered at very reasonable prices, I would take the opportunity to jump a resolution factor (more or less...) to 1680x1050.

    If, on the other hand, you're looking to save desk-space, well then I guess you're on the right track :)
  2. I don't think it will be worth it since the overall size will be smaller. Picture a 4:3 17" LCD, then stretch it out to make it wider.

    You may want to consider some 20.1" or 22" widescreen montiors:

    20.1" Widescreen LCDs

    22" Widescreen LCDs
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