samsung 244T, Dell 30" and 2560X1600 gaming

i'm looking for XHD screens- 1920 /2560. 24"-30" but on a reasnable price.

the samsung 244T- 24" and the DELL 30" are the same price but the pref are different.

does anyone have the dell 30" is the 11ms good for games? (the 244t have 8ms or 6)

does anyone tries 2560X1600 gaming? i'm thinking about 8800GTX so i think it will run it or even an SLI configuration.

for now the better pref are for the samsung, which also have an Svideo input. that would make him a tv to for me.

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  1. Check out the Samsung 275T (27.0") 999$ US & Viewsonic VX2835wm (27.5") 869$ US coming out very soon.

    I think the SLI is a must for the Dell30". You can get away with a single card on 1920x1200 for a little while though.
  2. is viewsonic good with LCD's?
    coz here in israel- they count for sucky LCD's...
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