Formatting Raid 1 Array stops, won't continue

Hi everyone. I've installed Windows XP on a SATA RAPTOR 36Gb drive. I have a RAID controller (Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A) with two WD 160GB HDD's setup in a RAID 1 array. When I open my computer I don't see another drive (such as d: etc.) which should be expected as I have not formatted them. When I use the disk management program in windows, it sees the RAID array as one drive, and I click on it and tell it to format the drive. It begins the format process and slowly advances. It reaches 79% (which, oddly enough is 127GB... the max on XP without SP1) and then nothing happens...ever. The formatting process won't do anything. It doesn't "fail" or give me an error or anything just stays there. I have XP OEM cd with SP1, it's legit :-) and I don't think SP2 will help at all but I'm gonna try it tomorrow. Is there something else I may be missing?
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  1. You could try 2 partitions! Or you could try making the partition smaller than 127GB, then expanding it with a 3rd party product like Partition Magic.

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