How can take Backup OS


I have Acer aspire5720ZG laptop, purchased in Feb'08.

I would like to take backup of OS.

Would you tell how can i will take backup of OS?

reply ASAP
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  1. Do you mean you want to back up your hard disk completely? There's lots of programs out there that can do it for you, just google them.

    IMO, though, backing your entire disk isn't a good thing to do. To me, it's better to back up your documents and files only, and then reinstall the OS as needed. Your PC will be faster in the long run.
  2. Hi

    How can i will take back up of my documents n file. Let me know with clear details...
  3. Just copy whatever you need to a more remote media. An external hard disk, a flash drive, a DVD or CD, another computer, whatever.
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