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I have installed the newiest drivers for geforce 2 card so thats not the problem. I will try to describe this problem as best as I can. I have windows xp installed. It acks like everything animates for example Windows boots up to the destop and I click somthing doesnt matter what it is and the screen does a waving motion. I open up internet explorer and it gets real skinny with about 3 inches on both sides being black if I use the monitor to resize it its too big for the desktop. If i click anything the video animates like a waving motion is best i can describe like the monitor is not refreshing fast enough. It is a old monitor Micron is the name. I have tryed everything that I know to do changing the drivers to setting new desktop sizes. Its like the monitor is not remmbering the size. I have it diagnosed to monitor or virus if anyone could help I would appreciate it.
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  1. Could it be that you have speakers/sub or another monitor/TV in close proximity to this one?
  2. a samll tv is in the room but it is not close no sound system on this machine. As I stated lets say you hit the start button the desktop moves, click internet explorer opens small the enlarges, slow. Hard to describe what it does. I know what you mean by if two monitors are close together like in offices this is totally new one to me.
  3. sounds like to me you have a major refresh problem. i sure hope you not useing the old 15" one. my suggestion to you would be to see if you can get into the refresh rate that your card is useing some of the older monitors work fine with default video adapter refresh rate with older video card. the newer cards seem like they set the refresh rate to high. i had older acorn monitor that worked fine with a sis video card but when i went to a new tnt2 ultra had sorta same thing happen i had to go in and manually set refresh rate for each screen size
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