Which laptop is better for gaming?




Three questions guys:

> are either of them paticularly good ?

> does 2.5ghz -3.1 do better at i5, than 2.2-3.1 at i7?

> which one is more futre proof, and better for gaming?

thank you
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  1. None of them is a gaming machine (GPUs are a bit weak) but should work in low to medium settings in most games, high in some.
    In general i5 (dual core in laptops) is enought for gaming since most games dont use more than 2 cores. The exception comes in games that are CPU dependant, like starcraft 2, where i7 will be better.
    If you plan to strem, you rpbably must have a 4 core CPU, so you should go for the i7.
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