Logitech MX518 Mouse - Can DPI Change Buttons Be Remapped?

Hi guys,

I've used an MX510 mouse for a couple of years now, and I loved the thing to death. It's finally giving up the ghost, and the MX518 seems like the logical replacement, but! On the MX510, the buttons on either side of the scroll wheel were mapped to essentially be click-and-hold scroll buttons, which are far more useful to me than the MX518's default DPI-adjust buttons since I don't play FPS games -- at least, I don't play well enough that being able to switch my mouse's sensitivity on the fly would make me suck any less. :P So my question for those here who use the MX518, can I change the functionality of those buttons to be like my old MX510's power-scroll thing?

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  1. yes. I just checked setpoint, you can remap those buttons to various commands, including keystrokes and "cruise up" and "cruise down".

    I use them for sensitivity changing though, I found that in certain long range sniping situations they can help immensely.
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