19" LCD all-rounders?

I have an NVIDIA 6600GT Graphics card and an old CRT monitor that is desperately in need of replacing. I'd like to get a 19" LCD Monitor (non-widescreen) for anywhere between $200-$350 that is capable of handling the following:

General Purpose Use (Surfing, email etc): 35% of the time
DVD Movies: 35% of the time
FPS Games: 30% of the time

I originally had my eye on the Dell 1907p but a friend suggested this might not be so great for gaming (+ I think its a tad expensive). I've looked and looked, but am struggling to find something which is capable of being an all-rounder. It doesn't have to be fantastic at everything, just "Good" at all of the three things above.

Anyone have any suggestions for me please?

Many thanks.
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  1. 33,33,33, huh... Yep, sounds like a "jack of all trades" (but expert at none...).

    I had a similar goal (before I got greedy and went for a 24" :P) and had narrowed my choices down to:

    *new* ViewSonic VP9030b (P-MVA, 1300:1, 300 nits, 8ms g2g, 178/178deg)

    Philips 190P7EG (P-MVA, 1300:1, 300 nits, 8ms g2g, 178/178deg)

    Philips 190X7BF (TN, 800:1, 300 nits, 2ms g2g, 160/160deg)

    The first two share the same AUO P-MVA panel (and P-MVA panels are known for dealing with video playback well and have excellent viewing angles, almost on par with S-IPS panels) and the latter only if that 33% gaming-time is spent playing Counter-Strike, etc.

    I strongly suggest a P-MVA over the TN and I would even recommend that you consider a 1680x1050 panel (20, 21 & 22") because for movies and certain games (like Half Life 2), 16:10 widescreen's the only way to fly :D

    I'm sure you can find a monitor in your price range in that res/size configuration: important is that you avoid TN's like the plague - TNs are strictly for super-tight budgets or response-time freaks.
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